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About Us

New year, new decade……NEW Name!

After many years of discussions, planning, thinking, backing out…and then diving back in…

We are extremely excited to announce that beginning January 1st, 2020, Norman Orr Office Supply will officially be renamed as BÜRO.  Rest assured, besides the name change and logo, the company ownership and staff remain the same.


BÜRO (pronounced ‘bureau’) is the German word for “Office”

When I purchased Norman Orr Office Supply in 2017, I immediately announced that I would like to re-brand our company.  We had no idea what that would be at the time, we just knew that we wanted to change.   We spent almost three years selecting a new name that would be short, unique, fun, and would best fit our focus.  After many employee meetings, brainstorming, and focus group sessions, we selected BÜRO as the name that met all the criteria.  

In the past decade we have added many product lines, such as:  Managed Print Services, Janitorial Products, Breakroom Supplies, Safety Supplies, and Facility Supplies.  We have expanded our Office Furniture Selection, and continue to offer Xerox office equipment.  As you can see, we are much more than just an “Office Supply” store.  The focus of BÜRO is to be your supplier for everything in and around your office.

What’s Next?  Re-naming is only the first of several steps.  In the coming days you will be receiving our new catalog that will include our new branding.  In the coming months you will see our branding on our vehicles, new signage for our newly remodeled building, and an updated website.  BÜRO will continue to strive for innovation and excellence in everything that we do.   We will continue to adapt to the needs of the modern business and add new products and services in order to better serve you!  Additionally, we committed to being involved community members, and strongly believe that we can use our business for good.

Thank you for your business!


Reid Grigsby



(Formerly Norman Orr Office Supply)